Mana Tendou (天導 愛菜/ Tendō Mana) is a character in Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!.


She has long, curly chestnut hair and blue eyes. It is noted that between the heroine, she has the biggest breast size.


Unfitting her role as the head of the Student Council, Mana has a childish personality which results in many times Rinka had to step in an rein her back. However, normally Mana is on the quieter side except for big events, where she gets really excited and tends to be more outgoing and loud.

Among the heroines of the series, Mana and Mei Sagara are the two whose feeling for Shougo Mikadono is platonic at best. Mana does occasionally acts flirtatiously toward Shougo, but these cases always stem from her childish and mischievous side.


Mana first met Shougo during a party which she had just then made an impressive entrance, declaring that everyone should loosen up and had fun. Afterward, she was chastised by the vice-president, Rinka Kunitachi for doing so.


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