Konoe Tsuruma (鶴眞 心乃枝/Tsuruma Konoe) is one of the heroine of the Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! series.


Konoe is a very sweet, soft looking girl with green eyes and light charcoal hair that reaches down to her buttocks with slight drills at the end and two small pink hair clips on the sides of her fringe.

Throughout most of the series Konoe is mostly seen in the school uniform with alterations. She wears a shirt with a high thrill collar. She also has pink tassels tied on the top of her high knee socks. She also ties a light grey big hair bow around the back of her hair.

Of the heroine, Konoe is probably the most endowed, which only served to make Miyabi further jealous of her.


Suiting her appearance, Konoe is an extremely kind and gentle girl. She is shown to care about the welfare of people around her (E.g when she confesses her worry about Miyabi's reclusive behavior to Shougo.)

However, as seen many times, Konoe can become fiercely possessive when it comes to Shougo. She and Miyabi basically entered a competition to see who could claim Shougo's love for herself. She is also very devoted to Shougo himself, usually acting as his caring sister/wife.

However, Konoe is extremely shy when it comes to confessing her love for Shougo, instead resorted to using the phone to fake her own voice. Her feeling is best described when she said: "When we were kids, I wanted to be your sister. I figured we could be together forever that way." Konoe has a sweet tooth, and her favorite treat is creme puffs.


A young girl who attends the same school as Shougo and also the first friend he makes on his first day of his new life. Very curious and believing in destined meetings, she is in the same class as Shougo as well as the class representative.

Konoe revealed later that she was Shougo's childhood friend and feels responsible for the accident which landed him in hospital. She has the same phone as the mysterious shadowy figure shown once calling Shougo, which was a prototype developed by her father with a rare voice changer feature. Konoe initially called Shougo using the voice of Perin a character from "Transforming Warrior Granberion", while also sending him the cake, photo, and action figure on his birthday.

In the last episode of the anime it is inferred that Shougo and Konoe will eventually get married


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